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Welcome to PJICI

The Programme Jeunesse Ici Corp

The PJICI is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate in employment assistance for new immigrants youth, and refugees who lack the necessary work experience, knowledge, and cultural familiarity in order to obtain steady employment in Manitoba. We stimulate, encourage, support and coordinate integration. PJICI accomplishes its objectives by focusing on the value-added benefits of bilingualism as well as by initiating projects in four (4) core sectors; struggle against poverty, youth integration, education, and crime prevention.
Principle PJICI activities include offering bilingual services to the community as well as coordinating cultural and socio-economical development projects with communities, youth groups, immigrants, refugees, and individuals.

General Skills

The project belief that bilingualism is a value added commodity. This belief is shared by its private funders, members, and volunteers.
The proposed program is part of PJICI’s youth integration strategy, which is responsible for developing a working culture in English and French speaking youth as well as for providing them with the skills and knowledge they need in order to be integrated into the province’s workforce. In collaboration with local businesses and partner agencies, PJICI has developed a program that helps young immigrants develop marketable skills and assists them in finding and retaining steady employment in Manitoba.


Project Activities

The program includes a variety of learning activities and training sessions designed to equip the participants with skills and knowledge related to working in Manitoba, specifically in the construction industry and other services. The program is open to male and female participants and is divided in two (2), 6-month sessions with a maximum of seven (7) participants per session. Intakes occur during the first week of January and again during the first week of July. It is projected that 75% of participants will find employment within 90 days of completing the program.

Basic English courses

Cultural integration sessions

Resume and cover letter writing

Interview skills

Professional development (employment skills)

Personal development (life skills)

Goal setting

Building and construction skills (plumbing, carpentry, masonry, landscaping, painting, etc...)


Workplace safety training

Forklift operation training

Employment research techniques

Job placement

Employment counselling and on-going support

Anti-gang / crime awareness

Participant Selection Process

Completing the program identification / application form Completing the program identification / application form

Providing a reference letter (from a friend or family member)

Personal skills assessment interview with the program director

Written skills and aptitudes test

Supporting Organizations


Inclusion, Diversity,
Equality & Appreciation Inc.


The African Communities
of Manitoba, Inc.

Boys and Girls Clubs
of Winnipeg Inc.